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This is a place to ask questions about Ubiquiti Unifi Network setup and configuration, QNAP NAS configuration, and Hubitat Elevation Home Automation. We discuss and compare the benefits and advantages of self-hosted, private cloud implementations of open source freely available software tools.

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Hi Dear Scotti, :hearts:
Thank you so much for the golden opportunity to learn important and useful topics and the high level of networking and security that you have given me.
I hope to be a person worthy of this kindness …
In any case, I appreciate and thank you…

All the Best
Parviz Homayun

Absolutely! I like to give back and help others. I used to work with a “Parviz” years ago. His name was Parviz Moyaard.

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Thank you And I really appreciate it.
I hope I deserve your kindness and generosity…

Unfortunately, the situation in my country is very complicated and it is very painful for my people to bear it.
Communications are closely monitored by government intelligence agencies.
Internet services are provided under very difficult conditions and almost impossible for ordinary people and only through their trusted agents in a very limited way.
In such a situation, the best solution for my people is self-hosting and protection of their privacy and data …
I’m focused all my work right now on these concepts and creating simple solutions for them and my people, which are often composed of down to average computer literacy.
I am trying to spread network and internet decentralization in my country by creating a home data center and self-hosting.
And teach them how to protect their privacy and data and private networks from government censorship and surveillance and cyber espionage.
And I need help and I am willing to pay for it, although I have limited resources …

the best
Parviz Homayun

Do you mean the late Master Parviz Moayed Ahd, Iranian university professor and architect ?

Maybe, if he worked at McDonnell Douglas back in the 80’s-90’s.

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I do not know, but I hope you have a good memory of him, :hibiscus: :hibiscus: :hibiscus: