Remove the "Cloud" from MyQ Garage Door Openers

A few weeks back, the fine folks at Chamberlain decided to change the authorization mechanism from username & password to using 0Auth. I can positively tell you that 0Auth is far more secure than the username/password mechanism. The problem is that although Chamberlain made changes to their MyQ mobile apps for Andoid and IoS, they didn’t really document what needed to be done for third party integrations regarding the MyQ API interface for third parties.

This is the third time in the last year that the MyQ interface to Hubitat has been broken through changes that Chamberlain has made. This problem really focuses on the fact that cloud based services are out of our control as consumers. Outages and changes to the software are never planned or announced so that we can plan accordingly.

As a result, we have poor and often interrupted service. After this last occurrence, I purchased a ZooZ Zen model 16 triple dry contact Z-Wave relay.
A company called “Garaget” sells the standard Liftmaster/Chamberlain garage door opener with the three buttons wired to external pigtails.


I will be wiring one garage door to button one, the other to button two and the third to my MyQ light switch in the garage. All I have to do is to connect the six wires to the relay above and have the remote “learn” the three devices.

You might wonder why I am not simply wiring the relay to the garage door buttons. The answer is simple. MyQ devices have electronics in their switches and remotes. These electronics handle rolling codes not unlike wifi with WP2/WP3 handle rolling their encryption. The door remote is for the “smarts” to handle this encryption.

There is a ZooZ garage door opener app for Hubitat which handles making the three relay switches momentary to control the devices which just require a button push. My existing door tilt sensors are used by the ZooZ garage door app to tell if the doors are open or closed.


The beauty of this solution is that it works completely without the MyQ cloud because the relay is just pushing buttons on a remote. The battery in the remote generally lasts six to ten years depending on frequency of use.


May I ask for some guidance on how you wired the Zen16 and the device from garadeet?

I wired the R1 and R2 relays to the button one and button two of the Garaget Remote control.
You need to use R1 and R2 because they are the dry contact (no voltage) relays.

Did you wire the Sw1 and SW2 to anything?

I did not wire SW1 or SW2 to anything because those are the voltage switch contacts and they are not used in the case of garage door momentary contact switches.

MyQ smart garage door opener is a good deal as I am also using it for the past month. The garage door installation team has recommended this to install in the office.

You do understand that this project is to use a MyQ opener, but to bypass using MyQ and open the door locally. This is because MyQ has made so many changes in the past two years to break external integrations.