LXD with LXDware or ProxMox

If you are going to set up a new homelab, would you build int on LXD+LXDware or ProxMox.
Seems that conventional wisdom is to use ProxMox. Opinions? Pros vs Cons or each?

I personally like LXD with LXDWare Dashboard. My primary reasoning is that Proxmox is really supporting legacy LXC and is not really that export friendly. Also, Proxmox favors VM’s. The efficiency and performance of LXD and also LXD VMs rocks. Proxmox seems to be very popular but it also seems to be buying into an Open Source system, but an Open Source that does things in a very proprietary way. I’d be glad to talk to you and show you how I have deployed LXD in my
Homelab and the advantages that I see. Meet me over on https://chat.scottibyte.com/.

Scott, thank you for confirming some impressions I had about Proxmox. In my Homelab, I was planning to use LXC containers primarily [in fact, I really don’t see a need for VMs in this environment].
One question I do have though, can you have a single LXD host running LXDware Dashboard as an LXC container with a bridged profile and manage the LXD host on which the Dashboard is running?

Not sure I understand your question completely. First, LXD Dashboard supports only LXD containers and not LXC containers which Proxmox uses. You can run the LXD Dashboard on a LXD container. The dashboard need not run on the same system that hosts your LXD containers. In my configuration, LXD Dashboard runs in a LXD container on one LXD host. I actually have five LXD Hosts and my one LXD dashboard manages them all.

My apologies for the misunderstanding. I called it an LXC container because the LXC command manages the container. I’ll use the proper terminology for LXD, ie an LXD container.

In my proposed homelab, it will be a single Ubuntu Server running LXD. LXD Dashboard would run in 1 LXD container [on that host] to manage all of the other LXD containers and LXD VMs on the LXD host . In the future, I may add additional LXD hosts, but initially it would be 1 LXD host running multiple LXD containers/VMs, one of which would be an LXD Dashboard container.

I hope this is more clear. Thank you for all you do for the community.

Awesome! Sounds like you are well on your way. Yes, I too think that the lxc command line for lxd containers is more than confusing.