Echo Speaks Local Cookie Authorization Server

Managed to cancel the overpriced and underpowered Raspberry Pi. Just ordered the UM350 with 16 GB and 512 GB SSD. Will start attempting to muddle through the revised Echo Speaks installation once I get delivery in a week or so. Thanks again!

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Would love to see a post from you after you have it all worked out, kind of a how to for dummies…

In my case, it will be a “how to FROM a dummy”. Do these things run on batteries or A/C?

@Dave_Lukasek Watch my video on implementing a UM350 for this at

If you have any questions in setting this up, meet me on the Hubitat group in the chat at:

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Can this be accomplished with an ESP 32 instead of a pi?

My guess is that the esp32 would be too memory constrained to handle the required components. I prefer to use a docker container on a docker server for this type of implementation. Considering the fact that there is an increasing need for external local servers in home automation, consider acquiring a small form factor PC and configuring it as a LXD server as shown in my video Cheap Self Hosting Server.